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Rafting is the star tourist activity, as it enables you to enter the white waters without needing any specific preparation, enjoying the sensations of the river currents.

The rafting options offered by the Rafting Parc include one designed for business groups. It is called the Rafting Competition.

After the necessary technical and safety recommendations, this activity involves four descents in the Olympic white water channel. The first two are to gain knowledge, training and adaptation to the environment and the last 2 are timed descents.

The winner is the team which records the shortest total time for the 2 descents. The groups usually consist of between six and eight people.

This activity can be compared to what happens in the business world, in which a company (rafting team) faces a new challenge or business opportunity (rafting activity). The company must quickly adapt to the new market conditions (2 training descents) in order to succeed in the results (2 timed descents) and collect the corresponding prizes.

The winning team has to demonstrate their intuition in decision-making, positioning in the boat, opportunity-taking when rowing, moments of maximum effort, etc. There are external advisers (sports coaches, monitors) who can help by providing their experience in similar situations. But the final decision is always the group’s.

The experience Rafting Parc has had with this activity is very positive. It is appreciated by clients and provides a different kind of recreation and sport.

All the activities Details Rate
1 hour in the flat water channel €28/person
4 descents, 1 hour in the Olympic white water channel €44/person
1 hour’s hydrospeed in the Olympic white water channel €56/person
1 hour’s Open-kayak in the Olympic white water channel €56/person
1 hour’s canoeing in the flat water channel + 3 rafting descents (in the Olympic channel) €56/person
Canoeing, 1 hour in the flat water channel + 3 rafting descents + 3 Open-kayak descents €87/person
Cycling trip to the area surrounding La Seu (includes bike hire, a monitor and support service) €31/person
Supplementary activities Competition Format Timed activities (rafting, canoeing, etc.) €200


The price includes: Monitor, hire of all the equipment, insurance and the right to use the facility’s services (changing rooms, hot showers, etc.).

VAT included


Bring a swimming costume and towel.